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Chloe & Liam: Radipole Manor wedding


Oh, let me tell you about Chloe & Liam's wedding day at Radipole Manor that took place on a sunny day in April 2024! The Manor provided the perfect backdrop for an intimate celebration.

Radipole Manor in the Spring time
Radipole Manor

The Bridal suite has a beautiful four-poster bed and even a balcony overlooking the grounds.

Inside the manor, the ceremony room is a true gem, it has a lovely wooden interior, a tapestry and a gorgeous skylight that flooded the space with natural light.

After the heartfelt vows, everyone enjoyed the lovely weather as they gathered outdoors for canapés and drinks. There was lots of room on the patio for the group photographs.

The conservatory room, adorned with beautiful flowers on every table, served as the perfect setting for the reception. With an abundance of light pouring in, the atmosphere was so open & light.

Now, let's talk about the cake – it melted throughout the day, and the couple found it amusing to discover a rather "short" cake when they went to cut it!

As the evening drew near, the first dance took on a magical quality, with the sunset's gentle glow casting a mesmerizing light into the room. Truly, it was a relaxed and fun-filled wedding day that will be remembered for years to come.

Floristry- Fiona Penny

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